Jonathan Eccleston, Veronica Xue, and Dabria Guo joined forces in 2023 to form Summit Edge CPA LLP – a leading small business and personal accounting firm, located in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Jonathan Eccleston

Jonathan Eccleston MBA, CPA, CGA

Jonathan received his Diploma in Management and obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Reading in England.

In his role as Chief Financial Officer for several small and medium sized (SME) companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries in the UK, Jonathan:

  • Installed business and management processes to achieve a sale to a third party in excess of the owner’s highest expected price.
  • Helped turn around a failing company by changing its business focus from its products to its customers’ needs.
  • Enabled a company to earn the highest gross margins in its industry by leveraging financial and other data from its information systems.

After moving to Canada, Jonathan qualified as a Certified General Accountant and continued working with SMEs in the contracting and manufacturing sectors before establishing his public accounting practice in 2009. As a skilled Chartered Professional Accountant, Jonathan’s current focus is on accounting, taxes and compliance.

Veronica Xue

Veronica Xue CPA, CGA

Veronica is unique – she possesses the understanding and expertise to take deliberate care of your financial services, while simultaneously showing you the loyalty and sincerity of a mentor that goes beyond the financial world.

Veronica has extensive national and international accounting experience. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Economics in China, Veronica started working as an Asset Management Analyst in China. After immigrating to Canada in the 1990’s, she enrolled in the Certified General Accountant program (now known as the Chartered Professional Accountant program), while also obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

During her studies in Canada, Veronica held various positions in the financial sector with small and medium sized companies in the Lower Mainland. She worked as an accountant, controller’s assistant, and as a controller. Once she attained her designation as a Certified General Accountant, Veronica proceeded to public practice. She commenced full time employment as a Tax Consultant with a firm specializing in taxation issues. Her position as a Senior Reviewer at a Chartered Accounting firm in Downtown Vancouver culminated in Veronica spreading her wings and starting her own practice in 2014.

In 2018 she received an Honours standing for her final project within the In-Depth Tax Course under the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

Veronica’s multifaceted abilities are accentuated by the care for her community. Beyond her regular day in the office, Veronica takes pride in supporting young practitioners through mentorship and also volunteers her accounting services to her younger daughter’s skating club.

The success attained to date by Veronica is due in part to her vast knowledge of accounting and taxation matters, and also to her genuine enjoyment brought on by working with people, regardless of their personal or professional background. For Veronica, crunching numbers is only the technical side of her career. She sees the ability to build lasting, harmonious friendships with her clients as the better part of her role as an accountant and the source of continuous joy in her work. Whether you need help with tax planning or life planning, Veronica strives to be there, by your side

Dabria Guo

Dabria Guo CPA, CGA

Dabria grew up in China and made Vancouver her home in 2009 after completing her education at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, where she participated in a CPA-sponsored program. Building on her academic foundation, she went on to earn her Master of Finance degree from Simon Fraser University.

Dabria is currently completing her studies in the In-Depth Tax Course offered by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. With over a decade of experience in public practice, Dabria has developed a deep expertise in various tax matters, ranging from accounting and personal tax to corporate tax, trust, partnership, payroll, and international tax issues. Her comprehensive knowledge and skillset enable her to effectively address a wide range of tax challenges.

Dabria’s true purpose lies in empowering others. She finds fulfillment in assisting and supporting those around her, striving to go beyond societal norms and create a meaningful impact in people’s lives. She draws inspiration from innovative and creative individuals who passionately pursue their beliefs and make a difference in the world. 

Dabria admires people who are innovative and creative, and the ones that can change the world through their passionate beliefs. She tries to learn from all people that inspire her or align with her purpose. She looks up to entrepreneurs because they don’t know their idea will be a success, but they take risks anyways and use all their resources to build their dreams.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Dabria dedicates time to practicing yoga and meditation. These activities not only promote her physical well-being but also contribute to her mental clarity and focus.

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